Ensuring all commercial functions (excerpt)

Finance and accounting

  • Conducting out monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements
  • Introduction of cost accounting, lifecycle costing and controlling for international companies; Management of subsidiaries through product differentiation and product profitability accounting, cost center, and cost unit accounting including controlling
  • Construction and integration of multi-client accounting systems into a closed system with cost accounting, interfacing the operational systems
  • Adjustment of the accounting and monthly account statements to US companies

Corporate Planning / Forecast

  • establishing Business plans for quarterly forecasts, budgets, and strategies for companies, products, and business areas (costs, earnings, balance sheet / P + L, financing, cash flow)
  • Establish planning systems for Inc. and international SME companies; Specify rules, components, and premises for the production companies; Consolidate data


  • Group controlling for companies, including the management of subsidiaries
  • Controlling in sales, production, purchasing, and investment
  • Controlling of international medium-sized production companies of the supply industry (USA, Europe, Asia) and their subsidiaries;
    Divisional / investment controlling for groups of companies with international production companies; Factory controlling on site

Financing / Investment

  • Contacts for banks and factoring companies for all operative and strategic financing issues; Accompaniment of covenant breaks, refurbishments, refinancing
  • Acquisition and conclusion of numerous national and international leasing and sale as well as leaseback contracts in the machinery and building sector (HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP)
  • Short and medium term financial planning, daily financial management; Introduction of foreign exchange transactions for group-wide control of the currency uncertainties with foreign subsidiaries; Structure of debtor management for the promotion of incoming payments

EDP / Organization / Management Information Systems

  • Project management for introducing ERP systems (such as SAP) in the areas of finance, purchasing, sales and production of domestic and foreign companies
  • New introduction of major computer projects (cost accounting, finance, purchasing, production planning)

Purchasing / Logistics / Materials Management

  • Build strategic purchasing; Realization of savings through energy management, lead buyer systems, C-piece bundling, and process streamlining
  • Management of the purchasing, logistics, and other areas of materials management