Hahnelt Consulting was founded by Michael Hahnelt. As CFO in board and management positions, he brings 27 years of international operational experience, 17 of which are from the process-oriented automotive supply industry.

Hahnelt Consulting stands for qualified management consulting and interim management - from concept development to implementation.


Breaking new ground has a long tradition with us. We have kept our corporate principles despite all the changes. All aspects of our business are based on the intact balance of our four guiding motives:

Independence: As a consultant and implementer, we maintain the independence of third parties, especially when decisions are made about suppliers or other partners of the client.

Objectivity: Our advice considers all opportunities and risks.

Competence: We only advise in fields in which we have proven or have gained competence.

Confidentiality: None of the knowledge and information acquired in the consultation process reaches third parties.