Realignment and restructuring

Corporate crises and restructuring of business processes do not arise suddenly from nothing. Crises have an incubation period - they only emerge when several factors come together, and early signals were not responded to.

Restructuring is a particular challenge for companies due to the number and complexity of work fields.

For a successful restructuring, Hahnelt Consulting not only considers costs and personnel, but also in cooperation with our customers, develops a new, individual business model that enhances or recovers its performance in the long run, increases its competitiveness sustainably, and - in a critical situation - ensures its viability.

The restructuring differs from the increase in efficiency, mostly by the sign of the company's results. Hahnelt Consulting integral develops restructuring concepts that combine the following fields:

  • Strategic restructuring
  • Operational restructuring
  • Financial restructuring

We offer comprehensive support in restructuring projects through our experienced interim managers, who combine analytical skills, in-depth methodology, expertise, and social skills.