Increase in efficiency and yield optimization (excerpt)

Increasing supplier prices, labor cost increases, sales price reductions, and increased quality requirements with shorter delivery times typically lead to a price-cost gap. We counter this negative pull with a continuous increase in efficiency.

Hahnelt Consulting supports SMEs with this challenge in an advisory capacity and in the form of interim management. As experienced specialists, we master the methods and tools and use them. Through coordinated measures, we achieve the conditions for reliable implementation. We have proven expertise in the following tasks:

  • Reduction of tied capital through working capital or asset management
  • Introduction of best practice approaches in controlling
  • Coordinate supply chain sales, purchasing, process layout planning, and rolling capacity planning
  • Increased efficiency through energy management and purchasing optimization
  • Optimization of personnel deployment through productivity improvement
  • Cost management in various expenditure items
  • Review of the organizational structure and processing organization
  • Promoting the computer support